Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to work for multiple cryptocurrency based startups.

No one can deny that cryptocurrencies are the next websites and blockchain is the next internet.

Antiso is a soon-to-be-launched asset token exchange in Philippines. Keeping in mind the latest design trend in the crypto space, we designed a futuristic website, that has all the features of a platform as well. We worked closely with the client in understanding the complex token exchange concept, incorporated our learnings from research on the design trends prominent in Philippines and getting the website ready in time for the client's investor pitch. Do you have a blockchain based idea? Let's discuss.

Logo Design

The word 'Anisto' is a Latin word meaning 'I surpass myself and I lead'


The colours used in the website design accentuates the futuristic nature of the exchange platform and falls in line with the latest trend in the crypto space.


Antisto technologies is a brainchild of a serial entrepreneur.

Antisto is pioneering the future of asset management and real estate investment using the power of blockchain technology.

Antisto provides an opportunity for land owners, investors and real estate brokers to sell and purchase land assets in exchange for tokens legally in Philippines.

The design of the website provides users confidence and comfort to trust the platform, as it involves exchange of large sum of money.

Using carefully written UX copy, we strived to use design patterns, illustrations and tabs to speed up the registration process and at the same time, help users stay updated on their asset’s performance.

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