Giving a new look to a chain of dental clinics in Chennai.

We get a call late at night from a gentleman who introduces himself as the chief doctor of Arudhra Dental Care. They were in the middle of renovating their new clinic, their third in a chain of dental clinics in Arcot Road, Chennai. After exchanging ideas and plans, we sealed the deal during the first call.

We started with their logo design




The icon is a juxtaposition of the letter A and a tooth, with a dot denoting the head of a doctor leaning into a treatment. The choice of yellow as the brand colour was debated at first, as yellow is associated with an unkempt teeth. But after much discussion, explanation and understanding, we went ahead with it with the client’s backing.


Minimal yet grandeur is what we wanted the signboard to be.
It’s now a head turner on the busiest of streets in Chennai.


The website offers everything that you expect from a reputed dental clinic; information about common dental problems, its treatments, information about availing family and, the new phenomenon, dental tourism - aimed at people who travel to India to get dental treatments done and have a holiday at the same time, appointment booking feature etc.


We decided against using real life images of bloody syringes, gory looking interiors of patients’ mouth that add to the already scared souls who are indecisive about a trip to the dentist. Instead we illustrated cutesy icons that conveys the message without the scare. We illustrated one for the chief doctor too.



The most exciting feature of the website is its ‘SERVICES’ page.
It opens in a different tab as it offers a gamut of dental related information to those curious to know more about the field. It has user-friendly features and content, overwhelmed with videos and images.

Visitors are greeted with light-hearted messages complemented with beautiful illustrations.

With help from our videographer and SFX expert, we filmed, edited and scripted a 7 minute video of the clinic and its infrastructure.

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