We explored various options and in the end landed on using a custom font based logo for Asista.

Soon after we designed and defined Asista's branding and tone of voice, we were tasked to work on the UI/UX of their agent ticketing mobile app. The mobile app was to be designed for agents who were given the responsibility to resolve tickets raised by customers from around the world.

We started with the wireframe (UX) of the ticketing system. Armed with a thorough understanding of the functionalities of the app, we submitted the wireframe and discussed on it for a good week or two.

We went on to design an interface that is easy to use, navigate, send/receive messages, access on the go and multi-task

Asista mobile app lets agents respond to queries on the go.

Our designers started with the grey scale wireframing of the app and using the already defined branding guideline, we designed the mobile app following Google’s material design principles.

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