Branding and Website Design and Development for a Facebook messaging bot

BotBee is a product of Zyudly Labs, a Palo Alto based Fortune 500 startup, well known in the space for developing cutting edge bots. Outofbox helped them with their product launch on a tight schedule.


We used an unique shade of yellow and intricate illustration to depict a bot like bee for their logo and a straight, bold font for the product name.


We designed, wrote content and developed the website in a span of 10 days. The vertical, single-page website provides every information there is about the product and what users can expect from it. The website also helps promote and educate the user about the product using playful interactive animation.


We realized that during and after the product is launched, the client may go on various conferences and customers to present a demo, the chances of the website being accessed on a mobile phone is higher. Hence we designed the website using a mobile phone first approach.

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