EazyComm is a product that facilitates SMEs and commercial establishments like supermarkets, salons to manage the date of their customers and conduct marketing campaigns.

An ambitious in-house CRM and campaign management product by Chennai based Codeboardtech. We worked on Eazycomm’s UI/UX, visual design, interactive design and content. Using simple and sleek design layout and patterns, we ensured the design was easy and seamless to adapt for a wide-range of clients with varied IT skills.


We chose black and a shade of orange as the apps primary colours to enable whitehat onboarding.

#FF7C08 -

Simple. Clean. Easily Navigable.

We figured in our research that most CRMs in the market had a cluttered design, with ambiguous UX that cause more confusion that clarity to the users. Our design for EazyComm ensures specific placeholders for the most essential information, easy navigation, clear and concise charts and data.

Too many data. No problem.

Depending on the size of the client’s business and scale of their offerings, the data in the web app will change. We designed a layout that accommodates even large amounts of data, without overwhelming the user.

Choice of font and colour was meticulous and with reason

We understood right at the beginning of the designing process that this web app has the potential to evolve into something more. For eg., the client will demand for EazyComm to be made available as a mobile app. Therefore, we chose the colours and font to make it look scalable, readable and beautiful on all devices.

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