Oye!Pets is a product idea from the minds of 2 young entrepreneurs, with a vision to change the way pet owners find what they need for their pets.

The people behind Oye!Pets came to us with this amazing idea to fill this huge vacuum in the pet ownership segment. During our research, we learnt that the extraordinarily lucrative and thriving pet business was unattended to by the startup community.

Major cities in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi etc., where pet owners spend huge amounts of money to care for their pet(s), it was rather difficult for them to find a veterinarian, grooming saloons, breeding or adoption centres. Oye!Pets was conceived to address this problem.

Logo Design

Pet owners tent to gravitate towards cuteness. Anything adorable appeals to them. For Oye!Pets, we took that thought and designed a logo that evoked that emotion in our target audience. The dog's face peeping out of the orange circle was a huge hit with the client and our user group.

Although hard to fathom now, we thought and discussed long and hard to finalize the primary and secondary colours for the brand.


Ensuring uniqueness and instant recognition for the brand.


We designed separately for Android, iOS and tablets, conforming to each of its design guidelines.

The PetMate feature allows pet owners to find pets for breeding. It's a unique feature that acts like Tinder for pets.

We used cute owners to encourage sending their interests on behalf of their pets to other pet owners or call them directly.

Oye!Pets app has many features, which had to be accommodated based on its priority.

We took great care in making sure the plethora of information and features doesn't clutter the app and are easy to find and interact with for the users.

The app is targeted for pet owners and pet lovers who are known to drawn towards cute and adorable things.

We drew icons, illustrations and wrote microcopy in order to elicit emotions of endearment among the users.


Each one of the icons and illustrations used in the mobile app were drawn from scratch by our designers based on a particular concept and to convey a specific message.

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