Being sports enthusiasts ourselves, we were thrilled to be a part of this project.

PredictEV is such a blockchain-powered online sports prediction platform.

We were approached by PredictEV to design their logo. They wanted us to creatively include graphs in their logo such that it would professionally represent their firm. We approached them with a few of our ideas, one of which was approved and went on to become their logo.

By the time we completed their logo, they were ready with another task for us- to redesign their website from desktop first approach to mobile first approach- and we could not have been happier to help.

Logo Design

Because of the nature of the product, we designed a logo that's futuristic and at the same time we included the concept of a spike to depict the increase in a players' fortune.


The choice of colours were to be rich and vibrant.


We worked closely with Brian and Nate from the PredictEV team to understand the product's unique and complex concept.

The idea of PredictEV is to let users to bid on games before and while they are taking place.

The data shown in the app is dynamic and real-time. We designed a layout that allows users to track the changes easily and react to it, if they want to, instantly.

Another feature of this app is to allow users to bid and track multiple games at the same time.

Our design layout allows users to toggle between tabs of all the games they are interested in quickly and gather all information they need to bid.

And of course the app, as pet its name, allows users to predict the results of games.

The design lets users to not only predict who wins or losses, but also by what margin. And the rest of the users then bid on the probability of that prediction happening.

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