Website design and development, Zoho CRM integration for a niche interior design studio.

We believe that in order to stand out, it’s essential to do things differently, even if it means not conforming to the usual methods. For Thachcher, we decided to employ unique branding colour and font, along with smooth interactive design. As there were so many references were out there waiting and inviting to be replicated, we had different thoughts. We decided the website should bring out the human aspect of interior design, woodwork and its installation. Using hand drawn sketches, that were then digitalized, and light-hearted content, we removed the seriousness from the picture and ensured the website appeals to everyone in a visceral way. The website's blog page is Wordpress integrated, allowing the client to upload their own content, and the enquiry forms are all integrated with Zoho CRM and chatbot to track users engagement on the website.

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